Sponsorship Opportunities


As an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation as recognized by the IRS,

100% of your generous contribution to our organization is fully tax deductible. Our students, members, and educational team rely on the generosity of our community members and local business leaders in order to fund our educational initiatives. Please consider giving to

Altitude Arts to help us continue to grow arts education in Colorado.

4 Sponsorship Levels

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FRIEND LEVEL                 $1 - $500 Donation

                                                  Your name will appear with our thanks on a special

                                                  a donation page on the Altitude Arts website!


SUPPORTER LEVEL      $501 - $1500 Donation

                                                       Website recognition, plus a special VIP invitation to our Family Night

                                                       preview performance where you will be publicly recognized for your support!


PATRON LEVEL              $1501- $5000 Donation

                                                       Website recognition, VIP Family Night recognition and we will list your

                                                       name or your business logo on our Altitude T-shirts for the year!


SPONSOR LEVEL          $5000 + Donation

                                                    Website recognition, VIP Family Night recognition, T-shirt logo or name
and we will publicly announce your support at the conclusion  of each ensemble                                                        performance all year as an official sponsor!


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Other ways YOU can HELP!



$1500 Complete scholarship, or $500 partial scholarship.
We want for as many young students as possible to be able to participate in our programs! Your sponsorship of a member's dues will allow one more great young musician to enjoy an Altitude experience!


SPONSOR a MEAL outperforming

Our students work very hard at our rehearsals and competitions! Your support will allow us to provide good quality meals to our performers who are often hard at work late nights during the week, and every weekend beginning in November!



As a growing Non-Profit Organization, we often rely on other institutions for their facilities in order to hold rehearsals. Although we have established great relationships without local schools, the rental fees for facilities are one of our largest expenditures! Your support here will ensure that we have great facilities for all of our students to learn and perform!



Each week we have massive amounts of equipment to transport from our rehearsal facilities to our competitions and performances. Your support here would provide funds for the rental of our enclosed truck for transportation and the fuel costs!



We want to put our best foot forward at all times when we are outperforming! Our student uniforms are all custom designs and custom made for our ensembles by the very best designers and manufacturers in our activity. Your support here would provide the fund needed to produce one (1) uniform for one of our outstanding performers!

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Support our BIG PROJECTS!


In order to more efficiently transport our equipment to and from performance and rehearsals, we are raising funds to purchase a used 50’+ semi-trailer that will bebuilt out for our specific storage needs. The trailer would be similar to the one shown below. We are also interested in purchasing one or more 24’ box trucks as well. In addition to their use in our organization, these vehicles would also be made available to local high school pro- grams for their use as well!

 Used trailers can often be purchased for between $5,000 and $15,000 and retro-fitted for between $5,000 and $10,000. 
ajor donors will have the option of having their logo prominently displayed on the trailer(s), as well as other recognitions.



One of the largest expenses in founding an organization of this nature is the purchase of musical instruments and equipment. We have developed wonderful relationships with several companies in the music industry who allow us to purchase instruments at a significant discount. This allows us to maximize the purchasing power of our donation dollars! Your support will allow us to continue to provide good quality instruments to our students!

As we expand our programs and the number of ensembles that we are sponsoring, this year we are seeking to raise between $25,000 and $45,000 for the purchase of new instruments and equipment for our students.

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Altitude Performing Arts is an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit recognized by the IRS.
10667 McGahan Dr. Fountain, CO 80817